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You’re a business owner. You’re innovative.
But to grow a business, you must always be moving forward.

In 1975, a Kodak engineer named Steve Sasson came up with the idea and concept for the “digital camera.” (a novel concept at the time). Back then, pictures were still being developed the “old-fashioned way” using film.

Kodak dominated the photo space

Steve brought the concept to the executives at Kodak. Instead of grasping the future of photography, they didn’t want to innovate and move forward. Instead, they told Steve, “Shh, don’t tell anyone about this.”

Other companies, including Sony, jumped on the digital camera race. Kodak never innovated and couldn’t catch up. It went through decades of struggle and has only stayed afloat due to the success of selling their patents. They are reinventing themselves today to recover.

Is Cloud Phone Service the most Profitable and Productive option for my Business?

It’s easy to get bogged down into the “technical” details about your phone system. These little things actually have massive benefits to your employees and your business.

Many business owners would rather simply keep things the way they are rather than look for a change. Even if something like cloud phone service is right for the business, many won’t take that step.

What does this mean for your business?

To keep a business growing and profitable, everything must be running at full power. One hiccup could slow down everything. Many small businesses have stuck with their traditional phone contracts because it’s all they know. We’re here to introduce you to the idea of cloud phone service. Is it right for you?

The first step - make sure it’s EXACTLY what your business needs. The worst mistake you can make is buying something based on pressure from a salesmen rather than the fact: “This is great for your business. It will make it better.”

Here’s our simple checklist we go through with each new Diamond Voice prospect. We know we aren’t meant for everyone.

Checklist: Would my Business Benefit from Cloud Phone Service?


How did you do?

7-10 Checked:

Cloud Phone Service would definitely solve a lot of problems for you. You want to grow and have flexibility at the same time. Start by researching Cloud Phone service providers.

4-6 Checked:

Cloud Phone Service is most likely your best bet. You should learn more about Cloud Phone service.

0-3 Checked:

You might not be a good candidate for cloud phone service. Perhaps you already have a larger team or can handle the infrastructure in-house. To double check, make a quick call to a cloud phone service provider and go over this checklist with them. This is your decision. Make sure they listen to everything you think. Check out other options before making any switches.

Switching phone service isn’t the most exciting thing. But it does do one very useful thing - It disrupts the status quo and shows your employees you’re building your company and not sitting idle. Especially with younger employees, cloud phone service is a new wave and the technology has expanded much in the past few years.

If you checked 7-10 of the boxes above, create that change and motivation in your business and start discussing cloud phone service.

Image source: Damion Trombley

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