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Turn your Voicemail Service into a Call Routing system

It’s not uncommon for a growing business like yours to have employees both in the office and out of the office, at a customer or in route. As you grow, it can get tricky trying to route the customer through the office maze, to the right department and, ultimately, the right person. Worse, many older phone systems are confusing to use, resulting in dropped calls or call transfers to the wrong people. Most can’t route calls to employee cell phones.
Do live transfers from any voicemail box in less than 3 seconds.
We made sure, along with our crystal clear audio, to also make it easy to transfer calls. Less time for your customers on the phone, less complaints, happier employees, more sales. Call transfer isn’t a shaky issue anymore for you.
Integrated Transfer
  • Transfer calls to any domestic or tollfree telephone number.*
  • Live Call Transfer works with any Voicemail box.
    Transfer a call immediately, on specific schedule, or when prompted by the caller.
    During the transfer, the caller will hear music, a custom on-hold message or Real Ring SM
    Live Call Transfer comes in several flavors:
    Blind Transfer
    Caller is transferred directly to another number with no delay or waiting to see if the transfer to number is answered

    Monitored Transfer
    Wait for Answer Caller will transfer if the transfer to number is answered
    Transfer with screening ("Press 1 to accept this call...")
    Transfer with screening and Name announce - Caller speaks their name at the prompt and you hear: "You have a call from 'Dan'. Press 1 to take the call or pound to take a message"
    Call Transfer is an core feature of both Virtual Office Enterprise and Virtual Small Office packages.
    Live Call Transfer also works with Call Recording.*

    *Toll charges may apply

    To setup Call Transfer on your voice mailbox or if you need assistance taking advantage of all its features, just call and we will use Live Call Transfer on our end to get you to the right person who can guide you through it.

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