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Crystal Clear Outbound Dialing

Automated Dialing Service Delivers Your Message to Thousands of Telephones.

Voice Broadcasting

Use Automated Dialing to deliver your message to thousands of telephones!
From Payment Reminder calls to Political Announcements, 
Voice Broadcast delivers your message!

Pre-Schedule Dates and Times

Choose ahead of time when calls start and stop

Update Outgoing Message Remotely

Manage your message from anywhere

No Equipment to Install or Maintain at Your Site

Hassle-Free and easy to use!

"Press 1" for Callback

Registers number dialed as interested party for follow up

Detailed Call Reports Include:

Number Dialed
Call resolution:
Answering Machine
Fax or modem
No Answer

Immediate Notification of Lead Generation

Email or SMS notification
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Outbound Dialer Options

  • Professional Scriptwriting and Recording
  • Specialized Message-Taking
  • Question and Answer Audio Surveys
  • Touch Tone or Audio response
  • Do Not Call Option
  • Opt Out on Same Call
  • Direct-Connect to a Live Person
Outbound IVR | Voice Broadcasting | Web Callback
Get Out The Vote
Reminder Calls

Web Callback

Phone Enable your Web Site
A simple Call button on your website rings your customers telephone and connects them to your business immediately. This gives your visitors the feeling of instant gratification and makes it very easy for them to call you without even dialing your number.
How Does it Work?
  • We provide you with a Call button to put on your website.
  • Your web visitor enters their telephone number and any other information you want such as name and email address.
  • The telephone number is submitted to the Diamond Voice server which dials their number and plays a recorded greeting or connects to your telephone number.
  • You receive an email with their number and any other information they entered.
Questions? Call: 888-293-1550
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See Supported Applications

web callback
Instant Click Response
Phone Enable Your Site
Sign-up Confirmation

Automated Voice Options

Connect with Your Customers

Get Your Customer on the Line

Use our automated voice options to get customers on the phone and in front of your team. Outbound Dialer includes robocalls and a web call back service. Your team will save countless hours manually calling.

The more opportunities your customers have to get on the phone with one of your staff, the better chance you have to build a closer bond with them. Your customers see thousands of advertisements every single day - with automated voice options, you’re able to stay top of mind and ‘above the noise'.

Make Life Time Customers

Getting a robocall or voice broadcast from your business reminding them of an opportunity or thanking them for being a great customer pays major dividends. This extra effort will turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer.

Boost Your Out Reach

Automated Voice Options lets you access thousands of telephones all at once. Instead of hiring a call center to manually reach out one by one, you can automate the calls for Payment reminders, Surveys, “Get out and Vote” calls and more.

Additionally, customers have easy access to your phone number at all times. Less stress for them means a happier customer for you. With our Web Callback feature, they won’t have to search and manually type in your business’ phone number when they are in trouble.

Streamline Web Leads

As more web searches are on mobile phones, use our Call Back Service to have buttons embedded on your site that automatically call your company when they are clicked. When a potential customer searches for your product or service in a search engine, if they can simply click “Call” from the search engine page, you’re going to get more calls than your competitor’s. This means you close more business!

These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive with your cloud phone service. We have staff standing by to answer any questions. Try out the Web Call Back Service feature right here to click and call!

Other benefits and features:

  • Callback time can be scheduled when used with the Scheduler feature
  • Automatic capture of Caller ID with each call record.
  • Callback can be limited to certain days and times to restrict use.
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Outbound IVR | Voice Broadcasting | Web Callback
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