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Transfer Callers from your Cell Phone or Landline with Virtual PBX

What it Does
Call Transfer Take Back allows you to put a caller back into the Diamond Voice IVR system and send the call to another extension.
Why it Makes Your Callers Happier!
After a call is routed to you, the caller may need to talk with someone else at your office. Instead of making them hang up and call back, you can route them yourself. Now you have the ability to Transfer Calls just like a PBX from your cell phone, home or small office telephone.

This saves time and adds convenience for your customers.
How it Works
When a call is transferred to you through the Diamond Voice IVR, you can press a button on your phone, like "0" or "9", to route the caller to a different menu or extension mailbox. The button and the destination box are pre-programmed for you.

So, for example, you can tell the caller: "I'm going to put you back in to the auto attendant. Press 3 to reach accounting." When you press "0", your phone hangs up and the caller is back in the automated IVR menu where they can choose another destination. Or "0" can send them directly to an extension such as another colleague or department.
Routing Options
Transfer Take Back is flexible to meet your specific requirements. The Transfer Button is defaulted to "0" but can be set to a different digit if needed. The Transfer Destination can be any mailbox or menu connected to your Virtual Office service configuration.

To give your caller choices, the destination can be your Main Menu.
To always send the call to your assistant, the destination can be the assistant's extension.
If the caller needs to make a payment, the destination can be Pay By Phone.
If the caller needs to leave a message, the destination could be your mailbox.
If you want the caller to take a survey, the destination could be a Question and Answer mailbox.
Examples of Transfer Take Back
• Keep mobile employees connected to the main office and each other.
• Extend PBX functionality to home-based contractors.
• Route callers to a Customer Satisfaction survey at the end of the call.
• Place customers in an Automated Payment system.
• Send call center callers to secondary support level.
What it Costs
Transfer Take Back is a free feature with any Diamond Voice Virtual Office or Voicemail service. Just contact the Diamond Voice Support department or your Account rep to activate!

Questions? Contact a friendly support specialist today! 888-293-1550

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