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Your customers are unique. Each communicate in a different way. But there’s one thing they all have in common - they want prompt responses with no complications! Imagine being out of the office and you haven’t checked your office voicemail. You return to a dozen calls from the same customer who’s waiting on an urgent response.

You didn’t know. Now, you have a fire to put out and an uncomfortable conversation ahead. Perhaps even a lost customer. A reliable communication solution can help avoid this headache.

Get All Your Messages on One Device

What if, instead, you were notified of incoming voicemails with a text to your cell phone, or an email to your business email? Unified messaging allows you to get it all done faster than your competitor’s ever will. Customers will think you are in the office 24/7 just waiting to help them.

Happier Customers

Have you been hearing complaints from customers that their calls and emails haven’t been returned? Most likely, it’s because you don’t have unified communications in place. Give us a call. Discover happier customers.

Unified Communications

Receive voicemail as an Audio file to your email or smartphone.
Voicemail automatically transcribed from Speech to Text
Faxes delivered as attachments to your email or smartphone.
Simultaneous delivery to Multiple email or Text message addreses


Integrated Messaging

Unified messaging is part of any voice or fax mailbox and is included in both Virtual Office Enterprise and Virtual Small Office packages.

For Question and Answer applications such as order taking or 3rd Party Verifications, the Audio responses and Touch input can be combined and forwarded by email for immediate processing.

Message Delivery

Messages Delivered Directly to You
SMS Text Message Delivery

Each voice mailbox can send SMS notification. This is a one-time notification that delivers a text message to your cell phone alerting you of a new message. SMS Text Message Delivery can go to multiple destinations at one time.

Message Delivery to Telephone

Your voicemail can call any telephone number when a new message is received. This can repeat a specific number of times per messages or until the message is retrieved. When you answer you will hear I have a message for you. Please enter your password. When you enter the password, your messages will begin playing.


The repetition of delivery can be scheduled and the following options are available:

    • Time of Day
    • Day Of Week
    • Number of times to repeat
    • Frequency of Calls

These options are very useful for time critical applications such as after-hours emergency delivery of messages.

Multiple Delivery Numbers

Up to 3 telephone or pager numbers can be assigned per mailbox. This gives redundancy to deliver your messages to you at different phone numbers or for escalation to different recipients.

Email Delivery of Audio Messages

Voice to Email delivers a WAV audio file to your email address when your Voicemail box receives a message. This gives you a back-up that you can archive or forward. Voice to Email can be sent to as many as 3 different destinations at one time.

Mix and Match

You can combine these Message Notification options to best meet your needs.

All of these options are available with any Voicemail service including Virtual Office packages.

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