5 Reasons Your Telephone May be Costing You Money

As long as it just works, we don’t give much thought to our telephones and telephone service. It’s only when there is a problem that we think about it. It should go without saying that your telephone is a critical part of your business. But how effective is it and – is it costing you more money than it should? Is it actually costing you new business or even losing you existing customers?

Here is a quick check-up to make sure your telephone service is operating at peak efficiency.

1. No Notification when Callers Leave a Message

When callers leave you a message, but you are away from your office, you can’t see the Message Waiting light on the phone. They may not wait for you to get back to the office before moving on to the next company.

Get the message quickly by setting up message notification by email, text or even a notification call to your phone. That way your messages get to you quickly and your callers don’t have to wait for you to get back to the office.

2. Are customers texting you?

Everyone texts and everyone expects everyone else to receive texts – including businesses! Customers may be attempting to test you, but if you don’t have SMS/Texting enabled on your business phone number, how will you ever know?

You can add text messaging to your business phone line - you don’t even have to change the carrier for your telephone line. Diamond Voice can provide texting service on your line even if your service is with a different telephone company.

3. Stuck at your desk? – Cordless or Bluetooth headsets are the solution

Everyone is working remote these days so why be tethered to your desk just because you are on the phone? There are multiple ways to “cut the cord” and be free to move about your house, your office, the building, or the city:

- Short range: Bluetooth is a great solution when you just need to be able to move around the room or walk down the hall. Most VoIP phones that support Bluetooth will work with any Bluetooth device. Connect an over-the-ear Bluetooth headset, your AirPods or a full over the head dual-ear headset.
- Around the building: Wi-Fi Cordless handsets use your Wi-Fi network to connect to the telephone system. You can use these handsets anywhere that you have Wi-Fi connection, whether your office, around the building or off-site.
- On the Go: Download a softphone app and add a second line to your cell phone. Start out at your desk phone and transfer the call to the app on your cell to continue your conversation on the road.

4. Battery back-up/surge protection on phones and router

In the old days, phone companies provided electrical voltage on the phone line to operate your telephone. These days, it’s up to you to make sure you have consistent power to your phone equipment. While power outages may not be common in most areas, fluctuations in the power grid happen regularly, especially in high demand months such as summer. Power fluctuation can play havoc with your equipment and network connectivity.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will both condition the power for your router and network switches as well as provide battery in case of an outage.

5. Still Have a Legacy Landline?

Most businesses have already moved off the legacy “landline”, whether they know it or not. If your phone lines come out of your internet router, then you are already using VoIP.

But if you have a wall jack or other physical wiring type phone connections, then you are likely still on old school copper land lines. These can be expensive to maintain and the government is no longer mandating that phone companies provide the maintenance. If you have these lines, you may have already seen the price increase.

You can save money and gain more functionality by upgrading away from legacy landlines.

Contact Diamond Voice Today!

You can ensure that none of these problems happen with your phone by contacting Diamond Voice. Diamond Voice is the top choice for your business telephone needs. Contact us today for more information or to start customizing your telephone environment to be the very best it can be.
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