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Customer Profile - Eisenbergs Skatepark

Eisenbergs Skatepark was a premier skatepark for in-line skating, skate boarding and BMX biking in Plano Texas. Eisenbergs provides Skate lessons, Party Hosting, Celebrity events and daily open skate times. This Audio Information Line Case Study outlines Diamond Voice Solutions to the problem.

Business Challenge

99% of the callers to Eisenbergs Skatepark just wanted basic information: Times, prices, location etc. So the staff found themselves giving out the same information hundreds of times a day. They wanted to automate that information, but be able to change it from time to time. However, the callers who really needed to speak with someone to schedule a party, needed to get through to a live person. It was also important that individual employees have their own Voicemail boxes so messages were not lost or misdirected. It was critical that large numbers of callers be processed without the cost of maintaining additional telephone lines or equipment.


Diamond Voice Messaging designed a Virtual Office service to which Eisenbergs Skatepark forwarded their main number that could handle thousands of calls each month without busy signals. Working together, a professional sounding script was designed and recorded by Diamond Voice that provides callers quick access to basic general information, pricing and directions. Updates are made immediately when information or schedules change. Live Call Transfer allows callers to "zero out" to the office and speak with an Eisenbergs Skatepark employee. Each employee has their own Extension mailbox and Message Notification so their messages get to them and are not mis-directed or lost. Monthly call reports provide data on total calls and hits on particular menu options as well as mailbox traffic.

Audio Information Line Benefits:

    • Eisenbergs Skatepark now processes hundreds of calls each day, resulting in increased visitors and revenue.
    • Customer satisfaction rose dramatically with consistent recorded information available 24/7.
    • A professional image is maintained with high quality voice recordings.
    • Reporting of call resolution allows them to forecast potential traffic and gauge marketing efforts.
    • Busy signals were eliminated boosting customer satisfaction.
    • Employee satisfaction rose with reliable and private messages.
    • Response time is dramatically reduced with immediate Message Notification.
    • Maintenance cost was reduced by out-sourcing voicemail and call routing services.


Services used:


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