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Salary Verification IVR & Web Integration

Customer Profile - Group One Services

Group One Services provides help with screening and employment verification for the medical industry. Hospitals who are members of the Group One network simply refer employment verification queries to Group One. Network members provide salary and employment data to Group One weekly. Group One is the largest provider of employment information for medical facilities in North Texas.

Business Challenge

Live operators manually processed requests for Verification of Employment from callers. Payment was collected and a report was printed then faxed or mailed. Group One Services desired to automate the entire process with the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Web-based delivery.


Diamond Voice Messaging provided a combined data management and delivery solution. Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for telephone access and a web site for Internet access allows verification requests to be fulfilled automatically 24/7.

For both applications, Diamond Voice Messaging provides the following: Organizes data, managing weekly payroll updates from member hospitals.

Integrates IVR and Web based access to a single database with multiple security levels and Employee controlled access to sensitive data.

IVR Customers may dial into a custom IVR system from a touch-tone phone 24 hours a day. They have several payment options: 900 telephone number that bills the cost of the information directly to the callers telephone.

800 Access for Credit Card or Corporate accounts. Credit Card payment for immediate billing to the caller's credit card. Corporate Account for monthly billing with a renewable access code.

Information is delivered by: Audio playback of Employment Report over the telephone for the caller. Dynamically created Employment Report sent by Fax.

Web Diamond Voice designed, hosts and manages a Web application for Group One Services. The same data that is accessible from the IVR system is also available through the Web interface.

Functions supported include: Credit Card and Corporate billing payment options. Customers can receive information instantly on-line. Reports can be faxed from web site.


    • Group One Services now processes hundreds of requests each day, resulting in increased revenue.
    • Reporting of results and volume allows their customers to see the value of their service.
    • Maintenance cost is reduced by integrating multiple access points to a single data source.

Services used:

    • Web Hosting
    • Account Code Access
    • Data Management

For More information

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For more information about Group One Services, call 972-719-4208 or visit the Web site at

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