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Support IVR - Virtual Office 
Case Study

Customers of Hunter Engineering contact their sales or service representative directly when they need to place an order or request service. Hunter Engineering needed a way to automatically route callers to the proper sales or service representative based on the ZIP of the caller. They also wanted to centralize their telephone messages with the ability to forward messages to other reps and do group messaging to all reps. It was critical that reps be notified of new messages quickly to provide excellent customer service. It was also important that large numbers of callers be handled simultaneously.
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Increased revenue
Call resolution reporting allows tracking of rep productivity
No more busy signals
Simplified inter-office communications
Reduced maintenance costs
Increased response time

Emergency Message Escalation 
Case Study

When a customer calls a Servpro franchise, they usually need quick response to get help for an emergency. Servpro franchises needed to provide immediate response 24 hours a day in the most reliable and cost effective manner. It is critical that service personnel be notified immediately of new calls. It is also critical if the first service rep cannot be contacted, that an escalation process goes into effect immediately.
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Embedded Call Recording:

Reduced response time & increased quality of customer service
Dramatically increased customer satisfaction
Fast response times even when pages & cell phones are out of reach
Promptly returned calls
High quality call records maintain a professional image
Simplified call recording & tracking

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