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Pay By Phone IVR

Turn any telephone into an automated Point of Sale terminal. 
No Data Connection Required


Customers dial in to purchase and pay by phone all without you having to do anything.


Taking orders and payments should be more streamlined with technology advances. Spending unneeded staff on these simple tasks isn’t efficient for you. The cost savings can go to growing your business. Many customers will appreciate not having to directly speak with someone to complete a simple task.

Saves Time

Processing customer orders and payments with Pay by Phone automatically saves you the time and money spent on manpower needed to field every single call. Your customer enjoys it because they can call 24/7, on their schedule, to handle their business with you.

Quick Start

It's very easy to set up Pay by Phone. With our pre-scripted solutions, you can be online and taking payments in short order.

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See Pay By Phone Features

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Real Time Payment Processing
Database Integration
Credit, Debit and ACH

Touch Tone Point Of Sale

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to accepting payments by phone with an automated system. It can be complicated to the point that many small businesses, like yours, feel it is less confusing to just do it all manually.

We've un-complicated it.

You call us and we set up everything! With Touch Tone IVR service, your customers can call, even when your office is closed, and make a Payment on Account or  Purchase your product or service.

How does Pay By Phone Work?

Pay By Phone consists of pre-recorded questions such as:

  • "Enter your Credit or Debit card number"
  • "Enter the Expiration Date"
  • "Enter the Amount to Pay"
  •  Or for ACH, "Enter your account and routing number"

Add an Out Bound Dialer* to support payment reminder calls.

Need to Collect Additional Information?

Pay By Phone can collect extra data from your callers such as:

  • Customer Name
  • Billing Address
  • Email
  • Product or Item
  • Quantity
  • Shipping Address
  • Audio Recording of Purchase Confirmation

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What is the Touch Tone IVR Shopping Cart?

The IVR Shopping Cart allows a caller to order multiple products and choose a quantity for each. Additional options like size or color can also be selected. Once the caller has completed their choices, the totals are calculated together with Shipping and Tax. When combined with Pay By Phone, the caller can complete their order by credit card, debit card or ACH bank draft. Order results are delivered by email or web for fulfillment.

IVR Shopping Cart Step By Step

Product and Service Listing Your list of products or services is uploaded to the Diamond Voice server. This information can be maintained and updated manually by logging in to our portal. For bulk updates, you can upload a new list. Or we can build an automated integration to connect to your existing database. One location for all price or product changes means less opportunity for input error.

Professionally Recorded Greetings

All menu options and product descriptions are skillfully recorded by our voice talent giving you a commercial and professional sound.


Your product and service prices are loaded along with product and service listing. Tax and Shipping rates are loaded separately. The IVR system uses these values to calculate the price of the caller’s selections on the fly.

Caller Interaction

To provide accurate order assurance, the caller’s selections are played back for confirmation. The caller confirms the product or services ordered. The calculations are made on the fly and once complete, the caller hears and confirms the total amount due. Payment Collection Next the caller is routed to the Pay By Phone process to pay for the order.* They can choose from credit, debit or ACH payment methods. If the payment is successful, a confirmation number is provided to the caller. If the payment is unsuccessful, the caller can try a different payment method.

Order Fulfillment

The order information collected from the caller is forwarded to you for fulfillment. You can receive an email notification, download records from the web portal or we can build an integration to send records automatically back to your existing order fulfillment system. Records are stored in an SQL database and accessible by web or a custom GET/POST** integration.

No Dead Ends

Once the payment is successful, the caller can be routed to other options such as Transfer to a live operator or additional information. This gives you the ability to smoothly mange your callers interaction with your company.

Caller Satisfaction Survey

Wrap up and confirm your callers experience with a Satisfaction Survey. The best time for feed back is as soon as the call has completed. The last step is to capture that feed back with a IVR Telephone Survey.

*A valid Merchant Account is required to accept credit cards. A separate merchant account may be required for ACH transactions. A gateway account such as is also required.


Need a Merchant Account?

If you need a Merchant Account, set up is fast and simple.
With Pay By Phone, you get paid faster and with less hassle.

Plans and Pricing
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