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Cloud Phone FAQ

24/7 Support is available. Email is monitored during business hours. For After Hours Support, please call 888-293-1550

What can I do about Choppy Audio?

Typically, choppy or dropped audio during a phone call is caused by problems with your Internet connection. These Internet connection issues are typically not related to upload/download speeds but by excessive delay (latency), jitter (variation in packet arrival time), and packet loss (transmitted data that never makes it to the destination). When you notice these problems happening, hang up the call and run our VoIP Quality Test.

What if I have Static during phone calls?

What if I have Static during phone calls? If you hear static on your phone during a phone call, try connecting the power adapter directly to a wall outlet. Be sure to bypass all extension cords, power strips and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Also make sure that your phone is connected directly to the phone adapter by a phone cord shorter than 6 feet. If the static issue continues, please contact our Support Department at 888-293-1550 for assistance.
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