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Third Party Call Recording and Transcription Management

Customer Profile - HomeTech

HomeTech is the insurance industry’s leading transcription services and digital recording solutions provider for Recorded Statement Transcription for interviews and dictation as well as Contents Inventory and Valuation Reports. Transcription documents produced are suitable for use in a court of law.


Business Challenge

The clients that HomeTech serves have agents and users who are often out of the office but require a secure and reliable recording service that will work with any telephone. The agents need to record conversations with claimants for documentation purposes and be able to mark which recordings need to be transcribed.

Their legacy solution involved a limited capacity analog recording system that was not web accessible.


Diamond Voice worked with HomeTech to create a solution to service both the internal tracking needs of HomeTech as well as accessibility and usability for the agents and end users.

Using a Cloud based IVR platform, Diamond Voice designed a hosted solution with unlimited call capacity and storage with web and database integration.

A dedicated toll-free number was assigned that rings into the Diamond Voice Call Recording platform. The agent is prompted to login, enter information relevant to the case and then connect to the claimant. Recording begins as soon as the call is connected.

When the agent and claimant complete their conversation, a confirmation number is automatically provided by the Diamond Voice Call Recording platform. This can be used to retrieve the audio recording by phone or by web.

The agent can login to a custom HomeTech private labeled portal. The agent is able to see only records that they created. Using the confirmation number, date or case number, a particular call can be located. If the recording needs to be transcribed, the agent can select the type and urgency of the transcription request.

Transcription requests are immediately flagged and sent to the Transcriptionist manager for processing. Completed transcriptions can be uploaded to the portal for the Agent to retrieve.


    • HomeTech was able to deliver a multi-platform solution for Recording Services to mobile users.
    • Users are now able to manage Transcription requests from the web.
    • HomeTech can manage and track recordings for improved Client satisfaction.
    • The Cloud based solution allows for unlimited call capacity and data storage.
    • With database and storage server integration, transcription requests can be accessed immediately supporting a much quicker turn around.
    • Agent and Client satisfaction has improved.


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