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Simple or sophisticated, we can build a phone based payment solution to your exact requirements. Whatever the size of your project, we will keep it simple. 

Just let us know what information you want from the caller. We will help you script it and provide suggestions on the best way to implement your application quickly.

No programming or learning new software required! We set up everything! 

Don't see a feature you need? Just ask!

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Pay By Phone Features

Payment Card Types

You can accept all Debit and Credit Card types.Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex

Supports ACH

You can save money on credit card processing fees when your customers to pay with their checking or savings account. All they need is their account and routing numbers.

Supports Real-Time Payments

The payment goes directly to your merchant account. You can see as soon as a customer makes a purchase or a payment.

Remote Database Integration

For account balance or price lookup, you can upload customer and product information to our secured servers or - save yourself some time! 

We can setup a direct connection to your database so customer payment information shows up as soon as the transaction completes. The latest balance information is always available to callers because it is pulled directly from your customer record.

Edit Sales Records

Transaction records can be edited from the web to add comments

Caller ID Capture

The Caller Id is automatically captured with each call and stored with the call record

Transcript for Audio Files*

Live Transcription is available for orders where audio messages are recorded

*May require other services and additional costs.

Address Verification

If your merchant account provider supports Address Verification, the digits in the address and ZIP code can be captured. 

Automated Credit Card Validation

Credit card numbers are checked when entered byt the caller to verify the format. This saves time and caller frustration by preventing incorrect numbers to be accidentally submitted

Immediate Decline Notification

Pay By Phone tells the caller if their transaction has been accepted or declined

Convenience Fees Supported

You can cover the cost of providing Pay By Phone by including a small convenience fee with each transaction. We can add in the amount you choose automatically when submitting the charge to your payment gateway.

Pre-Authorization Only Transactions

Pay By Phone supports obtaining an authorization prior to billing the account. For timed calls such as for paid customer support, this allows you to charge by the minute. You get a pre-authorization on the customers credit card at the beginning of the call and the total amount is billed at the end of the call.

Voice Authorization

Voice Record/Authorize and Billing within a Single Call. The caller is prompted to state their authorization approval. The statement is recorded and saved as an audio file for future reference.  

This supports Verbal Contracts by combining TPV and payment into one call rather than separate processes.

Multiple Payments per Call

Make Multiple Payments within a Single Call

TVP Proof of Purchase

Use Third Party Verification recordings as Proof of Purchase

Concatenated Audio Responses

Pay By Phone Packages Comparison

Package Features Basic Account Payment Shopping Cart Description

Dedicated Access number x x x Toll Free or Local access numbers available

Custom Intro Recording x x x Professional Voice talent will custom record your business name and introductory greeting

Custom Item Description x x x In-depth product or service description can be recorded for pre-sale information

Call Transfer x x x Before or after the purchase process, callers can be transferred out to a number of your choice for Customer Support

Single Item Purchase x x x Best used for purchase of a single item or service type. Works with pre-calculated shipping and tax.

Sales Tax - Single Rate x x x Supports pre-calculated Sales Tax at a single rate

Flat shipping x x x Supports a single shipping rate for the entire order or pre-calculated rate for each item.

Convenience Fee x x x Additional Billing fee can be automatically added to order total.

Caller Entered Amount x x x Supports applications where caller directly enters the amount to pay. Often used for Donation lines or Pay on Account options.

Professional Voice over x x x Professional Voice talent custom records all audio prompts.

Fixed Payment Amount x x x Callers choose from pre-set payment amounts.

Standard System prompts x x x Standard Audio prompts for default questions and data collection.

Human Transcription* x x x Human transcription of shipping information including name, address and email. Cost depends on turn-around time required.

Email notification of Orders x x x Order details delivered by email upon receipt of new order.

Account Web Portal x x x Secure web based portal for access to Order records and Call detail.

API for Custom Data Retrieval x x x Customize integration between your database and the Pay By Phone system with HTML based API

Outbound Dialer Integration* x x x Upload a list of clients and schedule automated payment reminder calls by Pay By Phone for immediate collection.

Real Time CC Validation x x x Card transaction is validated while the caller is on the phone for immediate processing.

Check By Phone ACH* x x x Available if your Merchant account provider supports Check by Phone/ACH.

Multiple Supported Gateways x x x Use one of our supported merchant account providers or use your own merchant account with the gateway.

Web Service Customer DB Integration* x x x Direct integration for real time access to your clients account information, payment or product status. Our programmers work with you to develop your requirements.

Menu Single Quantity Purchase x x Supports purchase of a single quantity of item or service type. "Press 1 for item A, 2 for item B or 3 for item C". Works with pre-calculated shipping and tax.

Account Balance Lookup x x Retrieve account balance or order status for playback to caller

Custom System prompts x x Data collection prompts such as "Enter your credit card number" can be customized for specific requirements.

Voice Contract Recording x x Record the caller's voice for confirmation or agreement to terms and charges.

Multiple Item Support x Caller can select more than one item and multiple quantities of each item. System will calculate totals on the fly.

Calculated Shipping x Support for additional shipping calculations such as per item or one shipping amount for single item, different amount for additional items. Calculated on the fly

Calculated Sales Tax x Shopping Cart calculates Sales tax based on ZIP code. Supports charging sales tax for in state and none for out of state orders.

Calculated Total x Calculates Order Total for multiple items with different prices, includes Sales Tax and Shipping.

Shipping information Collection x Collects audio recording of Name, Shipping Address and Email Address. Audio can be transcribed with optional Human Transcription Service.

* Additional cost

Pay By Phone works with your existing credit card merchant account.


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