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Automated Order Taking Line
Case Study

Best Pet Tags receives dozens of requests per day for their products. Given the customized nature of their products, accuracy is absolutely necessary. Orders must be complete and exactly as the customer specifies. Multiple calls need to be handled at one time and order taking should be available 24/7.
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Increase customer service quality and order accuracy
Multiple callers can order at the same time, 24x7
Streamlined order processing
Improved data collection quality
Simplified record keeping and call tracking

Speech to Text Order Status 
Case Study

JustFlowers.com found they needed the ability to automate delivery status notifications to customers during peak times such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. In addition, during peak times, they needed to handle a large volume of inbound calls of customers checking on their order and delivery status.
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Embedded Call Recording:

Increased speed and quality of customer service
Agents can respond to customers more quickly and have lower call load
Over 10,000 calls handled in less than 24 hours
Increased customer satisfaction
Delivery resolution improved

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