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Emergency Escalation Voicemail

Voicemail with Cascading Notification Escalation

Customer Profile - Servpro

SERVPRO is the Fire and Water Damage Cleanup Experts. SERVPRO has serviced America 's cleanup and restoration needs for over 36 years. Servpro Franchisee are run by independent business people.

Emergency Voicemail Case Study

Business Challenge

When a customer calls a Servpro franchise, they usually need quick response to get help for an emergency. Servpro franchises needed to provide immediate response 24 hours a day in the most reliable and cost effective manner. It is critical that service personnel be notified immediately of new calls. It is also critical if the first service rep cannot be contacted, that an escalation process goes into effect immediately.

Solution of the Emergency Voicemail Case Study

Diamond Voice Messaging designed a Voicemail service to which each Servpro location can forward their main number after hours or during hours when calls cannot be answered.

A simple, efficient and professional sounding script was designed and recorded which gives callers an easy choice between “Emergency” and “Non-emergency”.

As soon as the caller hangs up, a page goes out to the lead service person. At the same time, text messages and email are sent to the supervisor and manager containing a copy of the audio message, Caller ID and the time/date stamp.

If the message is not retrieved within a minute, the pager is called again every 60 seconds. After 5 minutes, if the message still not retrieved, the next number on the escalation list is dialed, then the next. This process continues until the message is retrieved.

Messages have Caller ID attached so that the caller can be reached even if they forget to leave their number or leave incomplete information. Messages left as “Non-Emergency” are forwarded by email, but only page during regular business hours.

Online Call logs provide a real-time record of calls. Monthly call reports provide data on total calls and hits on particular menu options as well as mailbox traffic.


    • Servpro has reduced response time and increased the quality of customer service.
    • Customer satisfaction has risen dramatically with a consistent, easy to use voicemail system.
    • Fast response times can be maintained even if pagers and cell phones fail or are out of reach.
    • Calls are returned promptly.
    • A professional image is maintained with high quality voice recordings.
    • Record keeping and call tracking is simplified.

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