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Virtual Telephone Line

Customer Profile - Hunter Engineering

Hunter Engineering Company is a world leader in automotive service equipment. Hunter Engineering Company, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, offers state-of-the-art wheel alignment systems, wheel balancers, brake lathes, tire changers, lift racks and brake testers. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and automotive service facilities around the world.

Business Challenge

Customers of Hunter Engineering contact their sales or service representative directly when they need to place an order or request service. Hunter Engineering needed a way to automatically route callers to the proper sales or service representative based on the ZIP of the caller. They also wanted to centralize their telephone messages with the ability to forward messages to other reps and do group messaging to all reps. It was critical that reps be notified of new messages quickly to provide excellent customer service. It was also important that large numbers of callers be handled simultaneously.


Diamond Voice Messaging provided a Virtual Office telephone service with dedicated phone numbers in both Dallas and Houston. The 800 and local numbers that Hunter had already published were forwarded to the numbers provided by Diamond Voice Messaging. Working together, a professional sounding script was designed and recorded allowing callers to route based on any the following criteria:

  • Type of call -Sales or Service
  • ZIP Code of caller
  • Specific department
  • General Customer Service

Once callers reached their representative, they could leave message or Transfer to the Reps cell phone. Any or all of the following provides immediate notification of messages:

  • Digital Pager
  • Cell Phone
  • Email
  • Text Message to Cell phone


  • Hunter Engineering now processes hundreds of calls each day, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Reporting of call resolution allows them to track rep productivity.
  • Busy signals were eliminated boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Inter-office communications are simplified with Group Messaging.
  • Maintenance cost is reduced by out-sourcing voicemail and call routing services.
  • Response time is dramatically reduced with Immediate Message Notification.

Services used Virtual Office Custom with:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Message Forwarding
  • Group Messaging
  • Voice to Email
  • Message Notification
  • ZIP Code Call Routing
  • Live Call Transfer

For More information

For more information about Diamond Voice products and services, call the Diamond Voice at 888-293-1550. Or visit:

For more information about Hunter Engineering, call 817-283-8007 or visit the Web site at

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