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Conversation Recording

Record Live Meetings and Conversations with a Telephone

Customer Profile - Dry Creek Business Services

Dry Creek Business Services is a Texas based dispute resolution company.

Business Challenge

In negotiations for business dispute resolution, Dry Creek needed to be able to record their face-to-face meetings and discussions with clients. The recording system needed to be easy to use and constantly available. The recordings should be easy to access and retrieve. The recording lengths varied from a few minutes to over an hour. They also required secure storage.


  • Diamond Voice provisioned a dedicated access telephone number that began recording as soon as it was dialed.
  • Dry Creek agents simply dial the access number from their cell phone any time recording is needed. The cell phone could be held or placed on the table and the microphone would pick up the conversation.

    To stop the recording, simply hang-up the phone. To start recording again, just press "re-dial"



This provided a simple and easily accessible way to record meetings and conversations at any time or location.

This recording solution also works well with other telephones such as desk or conference room speakerphones.

The recordings are stored on a secure server and Dry Creek retrieves the recordings through the Diamond Voice web portal at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



    • Dry Creek Business Services has been able to provide their agents with access to recording capability with no equipment investment and minimal training.
    • Convenient and easy to use.
    • No worries if your phone is lost, stolen or broken as recordings are not stored on your phone.
    • Never run out of space with unlimited recording length.
    • Immediate and secure access to recordings.
    • Time and date stamped for documentation and retrieval.
    • Multiple meetings or conversations can be recorded at one time. The same service supports multiple agents.
    • Documentation of meetings and conversations has been streamlined.

Services used:

    • Web Portal Data access
    • Custom provisioning for unlimited recording

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