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Speed through voicemails and quickly prioritize with Voice to Text

Speech to Text (STT) automatically transcribes your voicemail into text and delivers it directly to your Cell phone and your Email account so you can read your voicemail.

Speech to Text converts your voicemails into organized messages you can read on your own time. Voicemail to text means less time hitting the repeat button and also means you don’t have to write anything down.

It’s much faster to forward the message to other team members as well. Our voice to text system is top notch and can understand numerous accents, tones, voice pitches and more.


STT is an add-on to your existing DV Voicemail. Plans are month-to-month; no contract, no initiation fees. Subject to Terms and Conditions.

Don't have DV Voicemail? No problem. You can start today!

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The Productivity of Speech to Text
As a busy executive, you will spend an average of 45 minutes of the week checking your voicemail; that's three hours a month, per-person spent on non-revenue producing activity.

Speech to Text (STT) is a business productivity tool we use every day here at Diamond Voice to save our sales and service teams countless hours and dollars; STT service allows users to spend less time checking voicemail, and more time closing deals.

Speech to Text enhances CRM because names, numbers and calls are all stored in your email client and searchable. Being able to respond to time sensitive voicemail as quickly as possible will increase productivity and revenue. STT converts voicemail to text, then forwards it to email and your cell phone.

Mobile phones, home phones, work phones, Internet phones, any phone works with the service. Speech to Text integrates with all Major U.S. carriers and networks including: AT&T, Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin and more.

Call Diamond Voice to add this service today. You will see and feel the time saved immediately. You won’t want to go back to listening to voicemails ever again!
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