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Call Recording |Mystery Shopper Case Study

Mystery Shopper Call Recording

Customer Profile - teleXpertise

teleXpertise are the “TeleSales Experts”. teleXpertise offers an array of inbound and outbound call center outsourcing services. Services include Quality Monitoring, Quality assurance, Secret and Mystery Shopping. Review this brief Case Study Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopper Case Study

Business Challenge

teleXpertise makes hundreds of Quality Testing phone calls for clients. They needed to record these calls in a way that was transparent to the recipient. They also needed to be able to retrieve recordings from the web and clearly hear both sides of the conversation. They have multiple agents making calls so each agent needed a unique access code and way to track their calls.


  • Diamond Voice Messaging provisioned a Virtual Phone Booth application with a Toll-free access number. Multiple PINs were assigned so that each agent would have their own access code.
  • Agents dial into the one toll-free access number , enter their PIN and optional security code. Their PIN is validated and they can enter the phone number they want to call. The call is connected and the recording begins. No prompts or tones are played once the call is connected so that the recipient is not alerted and the integrity of the Quality Monitoring process is assured.
  • Each agent's PIN can provide a unique Caller ID to further preserve the QA integrity by not making calls appear as if from out of the local area.

Once the call is completed, the recording is stored as a high quality, small foot-print WMA file which can be played on any Windows PC and all major Audio players. (MP3 is also available if required) Agents and managers can then retrieve the file via web. The web interface also allows annotation of the record for future reference.

An email with a link to the new file is emailed to the agent and the manager for additional documentation.

Online Call logs provide a real-time record of calls including date/time, duration and number called.


    • teleXpertise has increased the quality of customer service by delivering high quality recordings in near-real time.
    • Agent productivity has increased with a consistent, easy to use recording system.
    • Quality of data collected has improved with the seamless way that the Virtual Phone Booth connects calls.
    • Record keeping and call tracking is simplified.
    • Customer satisfaction has improved.
    • Call load for Live Support has decreased.


Services used:

    • Web Access and Annotation

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