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Record All Calls

These days, cell phones are all purpose - business and personal.  In the same way, recording your calls is a personal - and a business decision.  
Download the App
If you need to record all calls that you make on your cell phone, the easiest way is with a softphone - an app with it's own phone number. 
Once you download and register with the app with the Diamond Voice server, forward your cell number to the app. Your incoming calls ring through Diamond Voice to the app which works as a 2nd line on your smartphone.
All in the Cloud
The recordings of your calls are made by the Diamond Voice server and stored securely in the cloud, not on your cell phone.
Use the App
When you call someone, use the app to make the call and the call is automatically recorded. As a bonus, when you use the app to call, the Caller ID seen by the recipient can be your business line or your cell phone, whichever you choose.
What's the Catch?
Using this method to record calls depends on your cell phone's data connection - either cellular or WiFi. If this connection is solid, your calls will be great! But if you are often in areas where you don't have good internet connection, this may not be the best solution for you. 
Other Options
Fear not! Keep scrolling. The cell phone call recording options below that do not depend on your cell carrier or WiFi data quality. These take an extra step to use, but work just as well.

Record Inbound Calls

No App Required
Let's face it, apps are great but they're not for every one. By just using the Call Forwarding feature you already have on your cell phone, you can record incoming calls.
Ignore the Call
On most phones, when you press to "ignore" a call, it forwards somewhere else, usually to voicemail. By using this built-in feature, you can forward any call you want to record into the Diamond Voice Call Recording system. When you don't want to record the call, just answer as normal.
2nd Time Around
As soon as the call forwards to Diamond Voice, it rings right back to your cell phone number. But now Call Recording is enabled and you will see the Caller ID of the Diamond Voice system, so answer the call as you would normally. 
Caller Unaware
While the call forwards, all the caller will hear is ringing. They will not know the call is being recorded. So if you live in a state where both parties need to know, you will want to tell them. Alternatively, a custom ring tone can be configured to play a message like "For training purposes, this call is being recorded"
Still in the Cloud
Your recordings are safely stored in the cloud. You can have an email link sent to you at the end of every call for immediate access and review.
Easy as 1,2,3...
To review, the steps are:
1. Register your phone with the Diamond Voice service.
2. When your phone rings, ignore the call.
3. Access your recordings from the Web portal.
inbound cellphone recording
Easy Setup
No Long Term Contract
Record Only Selected Calls
Cell Phone Recording Pricing & Plans

Record Outbound Calls

Virtual Phone Booth
Recording outbound calls is even easier than inbound. No app or Call Forwarding required. Once you sign up for service, you get your own access telephone number. This number rings into the Virtual Phone Booth Call Recording system.
Home Screen Speed Dial
When you want to record a call, first dial the VPB access number. You can make it faster with a Speed Dial icon on your home screen.  The DV system answers and prompts you to enter the number of the person you want to call. The call connects and recording begins.
Caller ID
By default, the Caller ID seen by the person you call will be your cell phone. However, there are a couple of options to choose from. You can opt to show a different number, like your work phone number. Any time you use the Virtual Phone Booth, that is the number they see. The other option is to be prompted each time you make a call. This allows you to use the default or enter an alternate number to display. This works well for recording both personal and business calls.
Retrieve Recordings by Phone and Web
One advantage of the Virtual Phone Booth is that you can listen to your call recordings over the phone. The recordings are stored in a voice mailbox. You can call and login to your mailbox and play the messages just as you would voicemail
Record Calls from Any Telephone
While it is quicker to call from your cell phone because it is registered with the VPB system, you can actually call from any phone. You will have to enter a PIN to login, but then you can enter the phone number to call just like from your cell phone. So if you need to use someone else's phone or your office phone to make the call, it works just as well.
Easy as...
So to recap, the steps when using the Virtual Phone Booth are:
1. Dial the VPB access number
2. Enter the number you wish to call
3. Retrieve your recording by web or by phone
See Caller ID Override
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