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Business Call Recording

The simplest and worry-free way to record all your calls - all the time - is to have Call Recording as part of your telephone service. Diamond Voice Cloud Telephone Service includes Call Recording - built in!
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Embedded Call Recording:

Replace your physical lines or go wireless
Softphone - use an app from your phone or computer
Can be set up to automatically record

Cell Phone Call Recording

Add Call Recording to your telephone without changing your service provider. Also known as “Over the Top”, this can add to Call Recording without changing your current phone service provider
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Calls are recorded & stored in the cloud
Turn on and off any time you like
App-based or app-free options

Third-Party Call Recording

Record and Document Verbal Contracts and keep a legal audio record of sales and transactions.
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Store meta data with the call
Pre-scripted question and answer recording
Stored securely
Easy to retrieve

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