Simultaneous Ring

Ring Multiple Phone Numbers at Once

General Questions

Group Ringing

Calls ring to a group of phone numbers. First phone to answer gets the call!*

  • Simultaneous Ring works with Live Call Transfer. Call Transfer is an core feature of Virtual Office. Transfer a call immediately, on specific schedule, or when prompted by the caller.
  • Simultaneous Ring also works with Message Notification and Delivery. The first phone to answer gets the message.
  • During the transfer, the caller will hear music, a custom on-hold message or Real Ring SM.
Works with all versions of Live Call Transfer:
Blind Transfer
  • Caller is transferred directly to another number with no delay or waiting to see if the transfer to number is answered.
Monitored Transfer
  • Wait for Answer Caller will transfer if the transfer to number is answered.
  • Transfer with screening ("Press 1 to accept this call...").
  • Transfer with screening and Name announce - Caller speaks their name at the prompt and you hear: "You have a call from 'Dan'. Press 1 to take the call or pound to take a message".
Call Transfer is an core feature of both Virtual Office Enterprise and Virtual Small Office packages. Live Call Transfer also works with Call Recording.*
*Toll charges may apply

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