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Third-Party Recording 
Case Study

The clients that HomeTech serves have agents and users who are often out of the office but require a secure and reliable recording service that will work with any telephone. The agents need to record conversations with claimants for documentation purposes and be able to mark which recordings need to be transcribed.
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Delivers multi-platform solution for Recording Services to mobile users
User can manage Transcription Requests from the web
Improved client & agent satisfaction
Unlimited call capacity & storage
Faster turn-around time

Call Recording | 
Mystery Shopper Case Study

teleXpertise makes hundreds of Quality Testing phone calls for clients. They needed to record these calls in a way that was transparent to the recipient. They also needed to be able to retrieve recordings from the web and clearly hear both sides of the conversation. They have multiple agents making calls so each agent needed a unique access code and way to track their calls.
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Increased quality of customer service & satifaction
Increased agent productivity
Improved data collected quality
Simplified record keeping & call tracking
Softphone - use an app from your phone or computer
Decreased Live Support call load

Recording Live Meetings 
& Face-to-Face Conversations 
Case Study

In negotiations for business dispute resolution, Dry Creek needed to be able to record their face-to-face meetings and discussions with clients. The recording system needed to be easy to use and constantly available. The recordings should be easy to access and retrieve. The recording lengths varied from a few minutes to over an hour. They also required secure storage.
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Provides recording capability to agents with no equipment investment & minimal training
Convenient & easy to use
No worries about losing recordings with lost/stolen/broken phones
Unlimited recording length with time & date stamps
Multiple meetings/conversations recorded at once
Streamlined documentation of meetings & conversations

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