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Local Virtual Telephone Numbers

Local Virtual Telephone numbers are available in all 50 states of the U.S. We also offer international virtual numbers around the globe. Whether you have a physical presence or need to open a remote office, from London to Tokyo and from Sydney to Paris, we've got your numbers!

Already have a virtual telephone number you want to bring over? We can do that too!  Introducing BYON: Bring Your Own Number. 

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Toll Free Virtual Numbers

Toll Free Virtual Telephone numbers have many benefits. We offer toll free virtual numbers for custom integrations on Pay By Phone and other Hosted IVR services. Use a toll free virtual number with your VoIP Business phone service to track advertising response. 

Diamond Voice has access to the national database to make your search as easy as possible. Once you find the number you want, we will help you secure it and can connect it to your Diamond Voice Service. If you need a 1 800 number today, Diamond Voice maintains an inventory of numbers that can be activated immediately.

Already have a toll free virtual telephone number you want to use at Diamond Voice? Easy, we'll use Bring Your Own Number. 

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Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

A unique 800 vanity number makes your business unforgettable!
However, finding a number can be an arduous and mysterious process

Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

If you want to stay top-of-mind with your customers, it is imperative to have multiple ways for them to remember you. A vanity 800 number gives you the opportunity to be memorable especially when your customers need your products and services immediately.

There are no restrictions for you to get a vanity toll-free number. Think of what words you might like to brand your phone number with and Diamond Voice will search the national database of available toll-free numbers. We make your search as easy as possible.

Easy Connection

Once you decide on the vanity 800 number you want, we secure it and connect it to your Diamond Voice Service.

Changing your phone number is easy, but it can be a painful process to re-do all your marketing materials and warn your clients. Taking the time to pick the right vanity 800 number can go a long way towards staying memorable for many years to come.

Lock In A Memorable Number

A telephone number that is easy to recall a great memory hook for your customers to remember your business. A number that is repetitive or spells a word looks more established and reputable. Customers will become more confident in sending referrals your way.

If you need a vanity 800 number immediately, Diamond Voice maintains an inventory of numbers for immediate activation. Whether you are a new business or an industry veteran, finding little ways to stay front of mind for your customers is very important in this fast-paced world.

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