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Touch Tone Data

Number Removal

Do Not Call Registration
FCC Compliance
High Volume Capacity

Question & Answer Mailbox

From Order Processing and Surveys to Touch Tone Payments Diamond Voice delivers accuracy and quality

Structured Message Taking

Example of a Question and Answer Mailbox

Like a regular Voicemail box, the Q & A mailbox plays a greeting and records the caller's response. But the Q&A Mailbox can play multiple questions in sequence and accept audio or touchtone input from the caller.

Above all the responses are stored in a database and can be retrieved over the web or by phone. This makes the Q & A Mailbox a great choice for data collection, whether opinion surveys or product orders.

How to Start Touch Tone Data Service

Q & A Mailbox applications range for instance, from basic to very sophisticated. Whatever the size of your project, we will keep it simple.

Therefore, all you need to do is provide us with a list of questions you want to ask or information you want to collect. We will help you script it and provide suggestions on the best way to implement your application in the quickest way.

How Does it Work?

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Audio Questionaire
Data Collection

Phone Number Removal

Do Not Call Phone Number Removal Lines
Callers enter their number into a Do Not Call database without live operator intervention.

It’s required by law to give your customers and prospects a Do Not Call option . If your company doesn’t have your list set up, give us a call right away so you can stay compliant with federal law.
What is a DNC Line?
Who Needs It?
How Does it work?
How do I Access it?

What is a Phone Number Removal Line?

With the rise of automated calling systems for delivering information by voice and fax, there is a corresponding need for providing a method of collecting and managing the telephone numbers of those who wish opt out, thus the need for Do Not Call services. In conclusion, IVR technology allows a caller to enter their phone number into a Do Not Call database without live operator intervention.
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Who Needs Do Not Call Services?

Do not call serviceCompanies or non-profit organizations who utilize voice and fax telemarketing for the following can benefit from this simple, easy-to- use Do Not Call service via a telephone number removal line.
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Promotion
  • Fund Raising
It’s required to maintain the Do Not Call list in-house. Call us to discuss how you can stay compliant. Whether voice or fax removal service, the Removal Line automates the entire process for you and for the recipient.
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How Does your Do Not Call service Work?

We make “Opting Out” simple and automated for you and convenient for the call recipient. We assign a Opt Out telephone number for your exclusive use. You can put this number on materials you distribute or use it in audio marketing campaigns. It has pre-recorded instructions for the caller to use the buttons on their keypad to enter a telephone number. Their number is then entered into a database along with the time and date of their phone call.
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How do I Access My Do Not Call List?

We archive the database and you can retrieve it through our Web portal or FTP site. Before your next campaign, just download the latest version of your Do Not Call list.
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Questions? Call: 888-293-1550

Simple to use
Cheaper than transcribing voice or fax requests
Immediate satisfaction for callers
Online Access to your database
No equipment or technical knowledge required
High capacity, receive multiple callers
Time stamped log of removal requests
Archive copy of database at our location

Database Integration

Database Integration custom to your needs.
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database integration
Event Sign Up
Account Registration
Order Confirmation

Touch Tone Data

Capture the information you need without the man hours with automated touch tone data collection
You Are Over Spending
Consider the various processes that your customers engage to exchange information with you:

Fill out a survey
Place an Order
Confirm an appointment
Register for an Event
Retrieve Account Information
Make a payment

If you or your team are doing all of these processes manually taking time out of the day, away from more productive tasks, to take these calls, you’re overspending.

What do we mean?
Manual Processes Cost Time and Create Errors
If a customer needs to confirm an appointment, it is much simpler for them to call an automated IVR, use touch tone input (e.g. “Push 1 to confirm appointment”), and hang up.

Instead, many businesses have an hourly employee call each customer, spend time on phone as the customer is interrupted in their day, and manually input the customer response into your system.

For pennies an hour, you will avoid errors and save money by having touch tone data collection built into your automated attendant to complete simple requests by your customers.
Build Relationships
Your employees can now spend more time on more productive challenges that produce revenue. Automate administrative tasks with proven technology. Spend your teams’ valuable time building customer relationship instead of giving or collecting data when it’s quicker and more accurate through automation
Automate the Simple Tasks
Many common information collection chores can be accomplished with touch tone data. Each of these tasks can now be set up within your automated attendant and save thousands of manual hours per year. And this means thousands of dollars in savings for you

Touch Tone Data might be what you’re missing right now with your automated attendant IVR. To save more time for you, give us a call to have your questions answered and get started if it’s the right option for your business. Simplify the simple tasks with touch tone data.
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