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Automated Attendant Packages

Get a Dedicated Phone Number or Bring Your Own

Virtual Small Office

Virtual Small Office is the way to go!
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virtual small office
Up to 5 Extensions plus:

Auto Attendant
Call Transfer and Take Back
Voice Mail
Music On Hold
Scheduled Greetings
Escalated Message Delivery

VSO Plus Fax

VSO Plus Fax
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vso fax plus
All VSO Features Plus:

Fax to Email
Dedicated Fax Number
Name Directory
Announcement-Only box

Virtual Office Enterprise

Virtual Office Enterprise
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virtual office enterprise
Mix and Match 10 or more Options and Extensions

DayNight Main Menu
Transfer Mailbox
ACD Mailbox
Sub Menus
Fax To Email
Greeting-Only Boxes
Name Directory
Departmental Mailbox
Personal Extension Mailbox

Virtual Office Packages and Pricing

Sound and Feel Professional
Your team is growing. Calls are dropped or not routed correctly. Using an Auto Attendant allows you and your team to save time. Calls are routed to the correct person, quickly and without a hassle for your customer.

As your team grows, so does your business. This is good news for you! But before you know it, you and your team are spending more time being a receptionist, routing calls and looking for team members to take a customer calls instead of doing actual productive work.
Time To Automate
It’s time to automate. Not the automation you’ll see at other companies with vague scripts or a confusing auto attendant. We understand, you don’t want to be that business. You aren’t “outsourcing” your customer service. Not at all. Instead, you’re providing both your customers and employees with increased efficiency and better service.

Your customers are quickly routed to the person they need to speak with. Your employees aren't wasting productive work hours answering calls meant for others or tracking down an employee from another department.
Don't Bust the Budget
Installing an automated attendant isn’t expensive. Each Virtual Office package builds on the other so you can get all the benefits you need depending on the size and type of your business.

All packages include a Dedicated Phone number or you can bring your own.
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