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IVR FAQ & Survey

Customer Profile - Keane
Keane provides custom-tailored unclaimed property services to serve a variety of industries, including banks, brokerages, insurers, mutual funds, and public corporations. Keane is the leading expert that public corporations rely on to avoid the escheatment of shares and provide the highest level of customer service to corporate issuers and their shareholders.

Business Challenge
Keane mails out notifications of lost shareholders and assets for compliance on behalf of their clients. When a recipient has questions and calls in, Keane needed to provide the caller with recorded information about the claim process. If the caller needs to speak with a live operator, a call transfer option must be available. Finally, a satisfaction survey option was required.

Diamond Voice worked with Keane to create a solution tailored for each client. Dedicated toll-free number numbers were assigned and routed to an Interactive Voice Response Call Flow script with step by step instructions and options for the caller.

The script is comprised of a group of answers to Frequently Asked Questions followed by options for the caller such as transfer to live agent support.

Callers are allowed to step through the entire process or jump directly to a particular function for which they need assistance.

In cases where the call is transferred to a live agent, the caller can choose to participate in a Satisfaction Survey at the end of the call. If this option is selected, the callback system, dials the caller and the caller is offered a brief survey to provide feedback. The survey consists of a touchtone response question and 1 open ended audio question. Administrators can review and download survey responses online.

  • Keane increased the quality of customer service with the self- directed automated Information line.
  • A high volume of callers can utilize the automated process at the same time.
  • Overall call volume is tracked in real time.
  • Call resolution is identified by automated process versus live agent.
  • Self-directed Information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customers are able to get assistance much quicker than waiting on hold for a live representative or a web request for assistance.
  • The Satisfaction Survey responses provide actionable feedback.
  • Caller and Client satisfaction has improved.
  • Call load for Live Agents has decreased.

Services used:

  • Toll Free Service
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Question and Answer Mailbox for Survey and Audio capture
  • IVR service for automated lookup, Call Script Routing and playback
  • Call Back Service
  • Web Portal Data access
For More information

For more information about Diamond Voice products and services, call the Diamond Voice at 888-293-1550.

For more information about Keane, call 866-421-6800 or visit the Web site at
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