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Speech to Text

Order Status Update with Speech To Text

Customer Profile - JustFlowers.com

JustFlowers.com is national supplier of live floral arrangements for all occasions based in Los Angeles CA. They take orders by web and by phone delivering to markets they serve directly and acting as an order processing center for markets throughout the United States.

Business Challenge

The floral business is very seasonal requiring a large capacity to respond to customer requests during short periods of time with a lower baseline capacity throughout the year.

JustFlowers.com found they needed the ability to automate delivery status notifications to customers during peak times such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. In addition, during peak times, they needed to handle a large volume of inbound calls of customers checking on their order and delivery status.

To facilitate a quick response to customer requests, the messages left by customers needed to be automatically transcribed and include the order number and a callback number.

The automated system needed to be able to make and accept a large volume of calls at one time and should be available 24/7. The system is also required a web interface to retrieve the customer messages and choices.


Diamond Voice Messaging worked with JustFlowers.com to create an Outbound solution that could be triggered on demand through use of the Diamond Voice API by JustFlowers or by uploading a list of telephone numbers to be dialed directly from their database.

A selection of greetings were pre-recorded and available to play for the recipient advising them of the status of their order. The dialing job could be scheduled and reports of the results are available for online retrieval.

Diamond Voice also created a solution for inbound customer calls. Calls are handled with a toll-free number routing to a hosted Interactive Voice Response system. The Call Flow script offers a short list of choices such as re-schedule delivery, cancel an order or speak to a Customer Service rep.

The Customer response data collection script is comprised of 3 questions including the action desired by the customer, order number and the customer message.

The caller selections are automatically written to a SQL DB hosted by Diamond Voice. The audio message left by the caller is transcribed automatically with Speech To Text and written to the same data record.

JustFlowers retrieves the responses through the Diamond Voice web portal and programmatically through an Application Programming Interface (API).


    • JustFlowers.com has increased both the speed and the quality of customer service with the automated Delivery Status update system.
    • Speech to Text Transcription saves times by speeding the agents ability to respond to customers. Audio Links are available as backup.
    • Call results are processed into JustFlowers response system much quicker due to direct integration.
    • Since more callers can be handled at one time, Customers are able to get assistance much quicker than waiting on hold for a live representative or a web request for assistance. Over 10,000 calls are handled in less than 24 hours.
    • Customer satisfaction has improved.
    • Delivery resolution has improved by sorting the re-delivery according to the customers availability rather than random retries
    • Call load for live Agents has decreased.

Services used:

    • Web Portal Data access
    • Diamond Voice API

For More information

For more information about Diamond Voice products and services, call the Diamond Voice at 888-293-1550. Or visit: www.diamondvoice.com

For more information about JustFlowers.com, call 800-880-5921 or visit the Web site at www.justflowers.com

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