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Crystal Clear Data Collection

From Order Processing and Surveys to Touch Tone Payments Diamond Voice delivers accuracy and quality

Pay By Phone IVR | Order Processing

Turn any telephone into an automated Point of Sale terminal. No Data Connection Required!


Customers dial in to purchase and pay by phone all without you having to do anything.


Taking orders and payments should be more streamlined with technology advances. Spending unneeded staff on these simple tasks isn’t efficient for you. The cost savings can go to growing your business. Many customers will appreciate not having to directly speak with someone to complete a simple task.

Saves Time

Processing customer orders and payments with Pay by Phone automatically saves you the time and money spent on manpower needed to field every single call. Your customer enjoys it because they can call 24/7, on their schedule, to handle their business with you.

Quick Start

It's very easy to set up Pay by Phone.

How Does Pay by Phone Work?

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order processing
Touch Tone Payment IVR
Product Shopping Cart IVR
Fulfillment Integration IVR

IVR Data Collection

Capture the information you need quickly and efficiently with automated touch tone data collection

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. When you call a company and you are immediately answered by an automated message, you’ve interacted with an IVR.

IVR is more cost-efficient than paying employees to answer the phone. It is much more reliable and acceptable than outsourcing your call center overseas. An IVR call center allows you to automate (meaning you don’t lift a finger) every call and handle simple customer requests or direct the caller to the right team member.

What can IVR do for your business?

Automated Order Processing
Collect Survey Data
Receive payments 24/7
Event Registration
Send out automated messages and reminders
Touch tone payments
Account Balance
Order Status

IVR Call Centers

IVR call centers give customers an option to retrieve information, make payments, or purchase your products and services 24 hours a day. Team members will only need to join a call for more pressing customer needs.

So what is IVR really?

It’s a faster way to get paid and save you money on employee costs. Diamond Voice continues to be a leading expert in IVR with accurate, award winning service. You can start today.

Question & Answer Mailbox

From Order Processing and Surveys to Touch Tone Payments Diamond Voice delivers accuracy and quality

Structured Message Taking

Example of a Question and Answer Mailbox

Like a regular Voicemail box, the Q & A mailbox plays a greeting and records the caller's response. But the Q&A Mailbox can play multiple questions in sequence and accept audio or touchtone input from the caller.

Above all the responses are stored in a database and can be retrieved over the web or by phone. This makes the Q & A Mailbox a great choice for data collection, whether opinion surveys or product orders.

How to Start Touch Tone Data Service

Q & A Mailbox applications range for instance, from basic to very sophisticated. Whatever the size of your project, we will keep it simple. Therefore, all you need to do is provide us with a list of questions you want to ask or information you want to collect. We will help you script it and provide suggestions on the best way to implement your application in the quickest way.

How Does it Work?

Why Diamond Voice?

Professional Design and Voice Over
Data Storage and Retrieval
Routing Flexibility
Security and Redundancy
We work with you to design a script and call flow. Each question is customized to accept either audio recording or touch-tone. You can use one of our sample scripts or modify it to meet your requirements. Then, your script is brought to life by our professional voice-over artists.
Survey data is stored on our secure and PCI compliant network. You can retrieve the data from a convenient web interface or by custom integration with our API. Touch tone responses are stored as SQL records and audio responses are stored as WMA or MP3 files.
Once the survey is complete, the caller can be routed to other options such as Transfer to live agent
Diamond Voice maintains PCI compliant systems and networks using state of the art intrusion protection and 3rd party monitoring. All systems including data, telephone circuits and electrical system are securely backed up and redundant for maximum up-time and relability.
*Additional programming and setup cost
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