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  • "Diamond Voice has always provided us the perfect customized solutions to our business communication needs. Thanks for everything you do!"

    Brian Busch DFW Sell Now -
  •   "We set up a simple system with Diamond Voice, we have two lines (phone numbers). An office and a fax. Our office number goes to my cell during certain times of the day (to my liking) and I receive texts that convert voicemail messages left during the other times of the day. Also, incoming faxes go to email. Being a small business, I don't have a huge need for a landline or fax, however I do have a huge need to receive faxes and have an alternate Office number. We save time and money this way and I love it! Anything that makes my business run more efficiently and frees me up to do my work is definitely worth having."  

    Jeremy Redig Floor Rescue, Inc. -
  •   "We have been a Diamond Voice customer for over 10 years, and we have always been very happy with your services. We utilize your voice mail to provide basic property information 24/7 and to service our property management customers when they have emergency repairs after our normal office hours. Although we prefer to answer our phones live during our office hours, there are times when that is not possible, and our Diamond Voice voice mail is always there to answer the call to be sure we are providing for our clients. We could not do what we do as effectively without utilizing your services. Thanks for always being reliable!"  

    Leslie Yeargan Financial Concepts, REALTORS -
  •   "We needed an IVR solution for a service to remove numbers from our fax broadcast lists. We needed it in place quickly in order to cement the acquisition of a new client. Diamond listened and responded accurately and fast - we've been using them ever since. Perhaps it is telling that I hardly ever speak to them now. It is not that they are hard to speak to - far from it, it is just that I have no need to do so as the service ticks along and continues to provide an excellent solution for us."

    Alan Morgan Managing Director -
  •   "Diamond Voice has been a tremendous asset to our non-profit ministry. In an effort to be good stewards of the donations we receive we constantly look for ways to save money. When we decided to do away with the expense of a phone system we needed a tool that managed every call that came in as well as a fax option. We were amazed to find Diamond Voice which not only met our needs perfectly, but provided an email option so any call that we missed allowed us to follow up on via email. Outstanding!"  

    Tim Chapman FCCM -
  •   "Diamond Voice has been the missing link that we needed to handle our inbound phone calls. Since we have several divisions of our company, we were struggling each day with how to route calls properly which was negatively affecting our sales and customer service. But when we found Diamond Voice everything changed for the better within 24 hours. We are very happy with the quality of the service and Diamond Voice is very reliable. Their technology and customization features are outstanding. I would recommend Diamond Voice to any person or company that is looking to enhance their business."  

    Derek Hartis -
  •   "A powerful partner in the continued success of my business. Simply cost effective messaging services, that make a small company feel like a larger one. Diamond Voice cost pennies a day, for dollars in ROI."  

    Brian K. Thomas Services by Fleet -
  •   "The Diamond Voice call management system provides a very professional presence for our company. The call transfer feature is not only very cost effective, it allows me to take calls and set appointments with out being tied to my office. First impressions are very important in my business and the prerecorded greetings are awesome!"  

    Brenda Wilcox The Beauty Clinic -
  •   "Diamond Voice has been instrumental in my business. By providing flawless voicemail service and sending me emails with the voicemails attached, I can service my client's needs 24/7. They have always been very fast when it came to any questions, changes or service issues. I could not be more pleased with Diamond Voice!"  

    Mitchell Bank President-
  •   "We have loved our service from Diamond Voice! The staff is terribly helpful and the value for what we spend on the service is just great."  

    Paige McDaniel -President & CEO Community Partners of Dallas
  •   "Diamond Voice has allowed us as a small and growing ministry to be presented very professionally. As a Church we are constantly receiving compliments from others who tell me that our messaging system gives the virtual appearance of a much larger ministry. I'm strongly considering using Diamond Voice for our home phone needs."  

    Pastor P.D. Giles -Life of God International Church
  •   "Diamond Voice is absolutely fantastic. Running a virtual office with staff around the country, the Diamond Voice system provides an easy way for people to get in touch with any of us. We receive all messages as attachments to email, which makes forwarding messages super simple, and our customers are served promptly since all the details are included! Besides all the wonderful bells and whistles, the best part of Diamond Voice is their superior and timely support! Having put your system into place has helped me be able to separate family from business time by routing calls to the proper person, voicemail or solution and reducing my frustration and overhead costs!"  

    Kristine Evenson -PROGRESSIVE IDEAS INC. web promotion & marketing
  •   "Diamond Voice has been a great asset to my business. Working with Diamond Voice has been easy and it has helped my real estate business by offering great rates on Toll Free numbers for clients to use. We also love the Fax-to-Email option. We thank you for your services and look forward to continue working with! Thanks!"  

    Brandon Park -Bowler Realty
  •   "Diamond Voice has made our small business look BIG. The features and convenience are awesome, and so is the price."  

    Mark Beneventi -LIT Monthly
  •   "We are ecstatic with Diamond Voice's service. We are currently using the fax removal line program. It has allowed us to be more productive since we are not having to take the calls ourselves. It also eliminates any "irritated customer" calls. Utilizing the system is extremely user friendly and reaching a human with any technical issues has been a positive and expedient experience. I am pleased to recommend Diamond Voice to any of your potential customers. THANK YOU!"  

    Paul Mensi Director Marketing - Walt Slaughter Associates
  •   "I have been a customer of Diamond Voice for many years now and have found the service to be a valuable tool for my business. The recorded message provided by Diamond Voice with music as a back drop helps create a more professional image for us and the feature that allows the caller to transfer to my cell phone is often used by our customers.   The service is also helpful because it alerts me on my cell phone of any message left in voice mail while we are away from the office. The fax service also reduces the number of phone lines needed and transfers them to my email so I can view them along with other messages all at the same time. Diamond Voice has been a very reliable service and a good investment for our company."  

    Mark Teague -Plantation Interiors
  •   "Diamond Voice has helped my business a great deal. As a small business owner specializing in event production, it is important that I know about all calls to my business. Through Diamond Voicemail these calls are forwarded to my mobile. I can also receive all my business voicemail messages through my email notification. This service is great and I don't think I ever want to be without it!"  

    Gwen -
  •   "Diamond Voice has been an asset in helping us to improve our operational abilities and lower our costs, allowing us to focus more of our efforts and resources on providing customers with solutions for comfortable and healthy living. Removing the headache of managing our telecommunications infrastructure has provided our staff more time with customers. This in turn allows us to focus more on solving the customer's need for air purification, dehumidification, or helping the customer solve countless other indoor environmental and health issues vs. spending time on non-core business."  


    Steven Hong President -
  •   "Having our faxes come through our computers help us to delete the junk faxes easily and saves supplies. We have found Diamond Voice to be reliable and always responsive to any questions."  

    Jim Larson -
  •   "At Printer Medic, we service our printer repair customers 24x7, and one of our key promises to all customers is that we'll return their call within 15 minutes after they have placed their call to us. Diamond Voice is critical to our ability to make good on that promise, even if it's 3AM on Christmas. The great thing about Diamond Voice is that it's always available and always works well. When we have needed tech support from Diamond Voice, the folks there have always responded quickly and resolved our issue.   When we need changes made, such as additional voicemail boxes added, or hours of availability of boxes changed, Diamond Voice responds quickly and takes care of our needs. Diamond Voice is always flexible and helpful.   The bottom line for us is that Diamond Voice provides us with a top-quality set of communication tools that helps us keep our promises and our customers. We couldn't operate our business without the services they offer."  

    Dann Day Director Of Service - Printer Medic-
  •   "Our relationship with Diamond Voice has been on-going now for over 10 years. When we planned out our agenda for Dow Financial, Inc. we found your voice mail system and have never regretted our decision. Other offers come our way but we remain loyal to your company because the service you have provided has been seamless. Your system has saved us at least one full time employee each and every year we have been in business. We are celebrating year number eleven (11) this year. That is a large amount of money to save. Thank you Diamond Voice!"  

    Kathleen Kruk Director Of Operations - Dow Financial Inc
  •   "We immediately saw the cost savings and convenience we expected when we hired Diamond Voice. What we didn't expect, and what has turned out to be the most cost-beneficial part of our relationship is how much more efficient and effective our voice and fax processes became. Diamond Voice has delivered far more than we ever expected. That's not just marketing-speak; it's a fact."  

    Rob Howe CEO -
  •   "I do want to say that you and your company were critical in the start-up of the Free Mobile Fuel Finder service and website. I really could not have done it without you."  

    Tony Trujillo -
  •   "Diamond Voice has been making my life easier for about 10 years. You've made it possible for me to receive faxes without even having a fax machine, or the dedicated phone line it would require. Receiving my faxes as files means I can store them in folders in my computer without ever printing them. When I get the occasional junk fax, I can view it and quickly delete it without having to print it first. But I really enjoy being able to forward the fax as an e-mail attachment without having to print it and scan it first. Your services are well worth the small monthly fee, which is probably less than having an extra dedicated phone line anyway. I recommend your service all the time."  

    Ron Bridges
  •   "I am very pleased with Diamond Voice."  

    Services by Fleet -
  •   "Diamond Voice has provided us with valuable client support and critical services that help our customers resolve call answering issues. It is difficult to image the opportunities we can now pursue in 2009 without the reliable partnership we come to depend on with Diamond Voice."  

    Message Direct -
  •   "Diamond Voice has provided On-Call for Kids an invaluable service over the years. As an after-hours nurse line service for pediatricians locally and out of state, our voice mail service has to be reliable. But what truly sets Diamond Voice apart from all other companies, is their responsive customer service and tech help. Day or night, Diamond Voice responds quickly to any questions or issues I have. That is very important to my company."  

    Christie Camizzi BSN, RNc, CCFS - ON-CALL FOR KIDS
  •   "Diamond Voice Messaging & Information Services is great and is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. If everyone were as customer focused as you, life would become so much easier. Diamond Voice Messaging & Information Services has completely surpassed our expectations. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with."  

    B. Fredia Boggan -
  •   "Your team provides quick and reliable service. Best of all your rates are super competitive. Keep it up!"  

    Jim Garey -teleXpertise, Inc.
  •   "You all have helped us established my companies by way of the 877 number's and logo that matches my company. I enjoy the Customer Service and support your Company gives us. I thank you and appreciate your help."  

    Kevin Jones Exec. Dir. - Alternative Living
  •   "Diamond Voice has been there to offer the scalable solutions we need promptly and provide support when we need it!"  

    Raphael Smith -Netrage
  •   "Diamond Voice provides constant contact to my business. It is a tremendous convenience to access my messages via email with the wave file attached. Diamond Voice provides numerous options with regard to call transfers, allowing me to receive calls in or out of my office. Their technical support has always been responsive, friendly and extremely helpful!"  

    Jodi Manfredi -Examine Your Practice, Inc.
  •   "Diamond Voice has been a integral part of my business for over 10 years. The versatility of the product allows for a customized communication system, keeping me in constant touch with my customers and vendors. We receive quick response to any changes, requests for service, or questions we may have. I highly recommend Diamond Voice for any business in need of an excellent communication system."  

    Carey Lewis -Arthur Construction
  •   "Diamond Voice is a very reliable company who offers great programs to fit your Business needs. Their prices are very competitive. They have a system in place for you access your account and voice messages where ever you are. I've been with them for over two years and no problems."  

    Ruby Parker CEO/Founder - Well Water International Foundation
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