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Basic Third Party Recording 

Record Live Verbal Contracts

Record an open-ended conversation between the customer and agent. Document the audio contract portion of the call followed by a confirmation number. Includes initial query for the Agent ID and Customer Number.


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Open Ended Recording
TPV Verbal Contracts
No Long Term Contract

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Pre-Scripted TPV

Automated Q&A

Standardize and streamline your verification calls. Let us build Automated IVR scripts to ask the caller a series of questions and collect audio or touch tone answers. Using our APIs, integration to your database can lookup contract details and write results back to your Customer Management System. Includes initial query for the Agent ID and Customer Number as well as unique confirmation number.

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automated third party calling recording

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Managed Service

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Custom Scripts

Designed to Exceed Your Requirements

Diamond Voice offers free professional consultation including help with designing your call flow script. With years of experience, we can offer guidance with best practices to design a caller-friendly and easy-to-follow call flow. You can combine TPR with real-time Payment Processing for a complete order taking system.

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Third Party Verification

Cloud Based TPV Call Recording Solutions

Verbal Contracts

Sales agreements can be tough to enforce when they are in writing. However, when a customer makes a purchase by phone, it can quickly become a case of ‘she said/he said’. Third Party verification (TPV) or 3rd Party Recording provides real time documentation for Verbal agreements and sales contracts. Common applications that use audio recording of contracts include the purchase of utility services such as electricity or water as well as cable TV and products with recurring monthly charges such as fitness memberships. Any product or service that can be purchased over the phone can benefit from call recording.

Documenting your verbal agreements with TPV eliminates confusion or discrepancies and provides an easy way to retrieve recordings in case of questions. Often just the awareness that a call has been recorded is enough to avert any effort by a customer or agent to contest a conversation or agreement.

Open Ended or Pre Scripted

The most common type of TPV recording is Open Ended. This simply records the conversation between the agent and customer while storing addition information entered by the agent, like the account number along with the audio file. When the call is complete, a confirmation number is provided for reference. Easy to use and it works from any phone.

Pre-scripted TPV automated the process by asking the caller a series of pre-recorded questions. They can respond by speaking or press touch tone keys. This guarantees consistency throughout the verification process. The agent can on the line as well for a hybrid approach combining pre-scripted questions with open-ended.


Often purchase agreements include an initial payment through either credit card or bank ACH. Diamond Voice TPV can easily be combined with Pay By Phone to facilitate that first payment and record the agreement details for future transactions. This insulates the agent from liability of handling credit card information and personal details. The process is secured by our PCI compliant systems and servers. Seamless connection between the Third Party Recording and Payment systems allows a smooth and easy process for the agent and the customer.

Immediate notification of new transactions is available through email or SMS communication. Retrieval of audio recordings or other transaction details is easily accomplished through our web portal. API integration with our clients’ servers is available for real-time updating and TPV record retrieval.

Standards Compliant

Diamond Voice maintains HIPAA compliant security standards as well as PCI compliance with 3rd party verification. Business Associate agreements are in place and proof of coverage is readily provided. The security of your call recordings and audio data are of paramount importance to us.

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