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Automated Telephone Surveys

Collect vital information from employees and customers with 
automated IVR Surveys

Customers feel you care about them when they receive follow-up calls after they’ve bought your product or service. Employees feel more at ease giving feedback through an automated system than in direct communication.

IVR surveys are an inexpensive, reliable option to gather quick feedback without spending any additional time on the phone. Since it is fast and direct, experience shows that customers and employees enjoy the process!

How Does an Automated IVR Phone Survey Work?

IVR Surveys are built around a set of questions determined by you and your data collection requirements.

Touchtone responses write data directly to a database Spoken responses create audio files saved as WMA or MP3 Survey responses immediately accessible from secure web portal Professionally Scripted and Recorded Combine with Pay By Phone* to provide point of sale credit card or ACH processing. Add Out Bound Dialer to support public opinion polling or payment reminder calls.

Sample Script

Intro: "Hello, you have reached the Customer Experience Survey system."

Question 1: "Please rate your experience with our company on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is outstanding.”

Question 2: "To be entered in a drawing for a free prize, please enter your 10 digit telephone number.”

Question 3: "At the tone, please tell us any comments or suggestions you would like to make."

When the caller is finished, they can receive a confirmation number: "Your confirmation number is ..."

IVR Data Collection
Employee Engagement
Customer Satisfaction
In or Outbound Survey

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Survey Features

Survey Completion Notification

Know as soon as a survey is completed.

Real Time Reports

See Survey response records as soon as the caller completes a survey.

Dedicated 8xx or Local Number

Get a dedicated number or bring your own.

Single or Multiple Questions

Use one or more questions to customize your call flow script.

Open Ended Audio Recording

A limit can be set for short responses or an unlimited time allowed. Typically even unlimited is set to 10-20 minutes to prevent abuse.

Multiple Languages

Surveys can be configured in more than one language. The caller selects their choice. Results are flagged as to which language.

Survey Confirmation Number

Optionally, each caller can be provided a confirmation number when they complete the survey.

Audio Stored as WMA or MP3

Audio responses playback in standard formats

Immediate web access to record

Survey responses are available as soon as the call is completed.

API Integration Support

API Integration is available for automated retrieval of results. Records are stored in an SQL database and accessible by web or a custom GET/POST** integration.
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A Variety of Telephone Surveys

From Satisfaction Surveys and Employee Engagement Surveys to Research Survey Data and Political Polling Surveys, automated Telephone Surveys are an easy and quick way to find out exactly what your customers, team members and constituents think. Keep it simple or go in depth, Diamond Voice IVR Surveys can be configured to ask the questions and collect the answers.

Standard or Custom Telephone Surveys

Scripted Surveys are built around a set of questions determined by you. We can use existing questions or work with you to create a new set of survey questions. A variety of responses can be captured such as:
• The 'Likert' Scale (Press 1 to 5 for least likely to most likely)
• Yes/No (Press 1 for Yes or 2 for No)
• Multiple Choice (For Candidate A, press 1, For Candidate B, press 2,… etc.).

Variable Routing

Based on the caller’s response to a touch tone survey question, alternate question routing can be used. This adds flexibility to your project by narrowing down and customizing your questions to your callers on-the-fly. You can skip remaining questions or jump to a specific question depending on the survey caller’s selection.
Verbal Survey Answers

Verbal survey responses are stored as audio files. A set of telephone survey questions can include both verbal and touch-tone responses.

In Call Help

Custom help responses can be recorded for each Survey question. This can be used to remind the caller of available choices, repeat or opt out of a particular question.

Download Telephone Survey Responses

Survey responses are securely stored and can be reviewed and downloaded on demand. Additional information like Time/Date, Caller ID and Survey Call Length are stored by default. You can download your telephone survey results for analysis. Standard data format files work with your database or reporting software.
Limited Survey Access

Restricting access to one completed telephone survey per caller can be supported. The Caller ID of each caller is logged as part of a completed survey. When a new call is received, the existing responses are checked for that Caller ID. If found, the caller is routed to an appropriate message.

A login PIN such as employee ID or anonymous response code can also be used. When the survey caller enters the PIN, it is checked against a database of valid PINs. If valid the PIN is then checked against completed survey responses. If the PIN or ID is valid and has not already been used to complete the telephone survey, the call is allowed to proceed.
Real Time Alerts

Each time a survey is completed, you can receive a notification via email. This is useful when the survey responses are time sensitive. This allows you to quickly follow up and address a customer concern. If a telephone survey is only available for a limited time, automatic date routing can turn on and turn off access to the survey by callers.
Multi Lingual Support

Multi lingual support for multiple languages is available (For English press 1, Para español, oprima dos …) Each survey response record is flagged as to which language is selected. A wide variety of languages are available.
Verbal Survey Transcription

If transcription for verbal survey responses is required, an email can be sent to the transcriptionist. They can login to the web portal, listen to the responses and type in the transcription to the fields provided for each response. When the survey record is downloaded, the transcription of the verbal response to the survey question is also retrieved. You can provide your own transcription or use a Diamond Voice option.
Connect to Survey Callers

At any point in a survey, a caller can choose to connect to you. If you have a call center phone number, the caller can be transferred to you to address a question or concern. Don’t have a call enter or person dedicated to answering the phone? Not to worry, voicemail is part of the service and callers can leave a message. You will be notified of the message and can follow up as needed.

Integration Options

Satisfaction survey response is the highest when completed as close to your interaction with the caller or customer as possible. Integration with your telephone system is supported (and encouraged). This allows for callers to be notified at the beginning of the call and reminded at the end of the call. They are automatically routed to the survey when the call concludes.

Follow-up on telephone surveys is important in order to make the most of the customers reaction. You will improve your relationship with the customer through quick and efficient action. Instead of having the telephone survey response data stored in our system, we can build an integration to push the data out to your database or server for a fully integrated solution.

Monthly rate and setup cost is determined by the number of questions and languages. The monthly rate includes a number of minutes with additional minutes billed by the minute. Choose your plan based on your expected volume. Contracts can be month to month or annual for better pricing.
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Why Diamond Voice?

Design and Voice Over
Data Storage and Retrieval
Routing Flexibility
Security and Redundancy

Professional Design and Voice Talent

We work with you to design a script and call flow. Each question is customized to accept either audio recording or touch-tone. You can use one of our sample scripts or modify it to meet your requirements. Then, your script is brought to life by our professional voice-over artists.

Secure Data Storage and Retrieval

Survey data is stored on our secure and PCI compliant network. You can retrieve the data from a convenient web interface or by custom integration with our API. Touch tone responses are stored as SQL records and audio responses are stored as WMA or MP3 files.

Flexible Call Routing

Once the survey is complete, the caller can be routed to other options such as Transfer to live agent or register for a drawing.

Secure and Redundant

Diamond Voice maintains PCI compliant systems and networks using state of the art intrusion protection and 3rd party monitoring. All systems including data, telephone circuits and electrical system are securely backed up and redundant for maximum up-time and relability.

Real Customer Applications

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Political Polling
Client Feed Back Survey
Contest Registration
Employee Survey
Product Registration
Patient Evalution Survey
Call Center Interaction Survey
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