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Record Land Line Calls

Record Calls for Tracking and Quality Assurance

Document your Conversations

There is a growing need to document all of our telephone conversations by recording calls. Whether creating an audit trail, verifying an order or training customer reps, recording business calls is a necessary function. Simply mentioning that a call is being recorded is often enough to promote a higher level of accountability and to discourage disputes. Whether through your cell or office phone, a reliable automatic call recorder is a core requirement.

Flexible and Integrated

Diamond Voice Call Recording solves each of these challenges. Support for automatic call recording on business lines can be achieved through inline recording or login recording options. Automatic call recording is integrated into our Cloud Phone services for ultimate convenience serving in office or remote worker alike. Cell phone users can have recording automatically enabled for all in and outbound calls or have selective control.

Easy to Use and Retrieve Recordings

But recording the call is just the first step. That audio file needs to be both easy to retrieve and quickly accessible as well as stored securely and reliably. Mobile recording apps put recordings at risk of loss or theft. Local storage solutions have similar challenges but require large investments in hardware and software systems to store and manage call recording. In addition, to be ultimately secure, on site systems must be backed up with off-site storage. So that expensive in-house automatic call recording system still requires a secure remote component.
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See Quality and Security

See Quality and Security

  • Additional Backup and Protection: Recordings instantly forward to a backup email account.
  • Unlimited Verification Capacity: Diamond Voice system is highly scalable, and up-gradable for rapid growth. Diamond Voice can scale to meet your inbound call volumes.
  • Studio Quality Digital Recordings: We will professionally record your pre-scripted menus and questions in a recording studio so your TPV Recording Script sounds just the way you want.
Quality and Security
Easy to Use
Works with Existing Phones
Total Call Recording

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Record Cell Phone Calls

Works with or without an app

Works with any phone

Most call recording solutions work only with a particular type of phone, for example office phones or cell phones, but don’t seamlessly support both desk phones as well as mobile. From a stockbroker taking orders on the go to a call center with 100 customer service agents, a standardized automatic call recorder system is essential to manage all communication channels.

Secure and Protected

With the proliferation of identity theft and hackers that deploy ransomware or seek to exploit personal information, it is absolutely critical that audio recordings are stored securely and protected from unauthorized access. More companies are required to follow HIPAA guidelines for dealing with personal information or PCI requirements for financial data. The problem is to be absolutely secure and remain easily accessible.
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outbound call recording
Flexible and mobile

Works with Any Phone
Caller ID Override
Web Retrieval

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Record Verbal Contracts

Record Verbal Contracts or Third Party Verifications

Standards Compliant

Diamond Voice maintains HIPAA compliant security standards as well as PCI compliance with 3rd party verification. Business Associate agreements are in place and proof of coverage is readily provided. The security of your call recordings and audio data are of paramount importance to us.

Worry Free Capacity

Diamond Voice systems automatically scale to serve the entrepreneur or the individual broker as well as the call center or corporate office. Call recording can be continuous or on demand. No need to invest in upgrades or be concerned about running out of capacity.
Agent Directed vs Pre-Scripted TPV
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automated third party calling recording
document and verify
Professionally Voiced

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Record with Your Current Phone

Inbound Calls

To record a call, the call must route through the Diamond Voice Recording system.

  1. We provide you with a private telephone number.
  2. Forward your main office telephone or Toll- free number to the dedicated number.
  3. Calls transparently route through the Recording System and back to your office.
Outbound Calls
  1. Dial the Virtual Phone Booth access number.
  2. Enter any US domestic telephone number.
  3. Recording starts when the call is answered.

Retrieve recordings from the web or by phone

No matter on what type of phone the call was recorded, all the audio files are managed from the same interface and can be retrieved in the same way. Multi-level access can be enabled to allow limited or administrator access. Audio recordings are stored in secured cloud based servers that are protected by the best in industry standard cyber protection while remaining physically inaccessible to direct access.

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Flexible and mobile

Access from any phone
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API Integration

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