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Breaking the Fax Machine Barrier: Why Cloud Fax Services are Essential for Modern Businesses

Even in 2024, businesses still use fax. In fact, 46 percent of small businesses still use fax machines according to one report.

However, it’s not always feasible to have a fax machine in your office. They take up space, require supplies, and only deliver faxes to 1 location. If you spend more time working remotely than in an office a fax machine could be very inconvenient.

Thankfully, you can fix all these issues with cloud fax solutions. Here are a three (3) reasons why you should switch to cloud fax services for your business.

1 No Need To Worry About Equipment

It’s not cheap to have a physical fax machine. You’re paying at least hundreds of dollars for one and that’s if it isn’t a higher-end model. Add on the maintenance costs and supplies and it can get pricey.
Additionally, if you’re using a fax machine, you’ll need a landline to send and receive faxes. That’s another expense for your business.

By going with a cloud fax solution, you don’t have to worry about the overhead costs associated with a fax machine. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

2 Convenience
With cloud fax solutions like what we offer at Diamond Voice, you can run your business from anywhere. We offer some solutions to improve the convenience of sending and receiving faxes.

• Fax to Email. With this service, all faxes you receive can be emailed to you as PDFs.
• Web to Fax. You can send a fax via email or the web. You can use email to send a document directly to someone’s fax machine. This can be done from a PC or even a tablet.

When you use Web To Fax and Fax To Email, you get an ideal inbound and outbound solution for your business.

3 Send Fax Responses Automatically 24/7
When you receive a request for information, you manually fax or mail out literature. With fax on demand, prospective customers can request information about your company or products delivered to their fax machine, automatically within minutes, 24 hours a day.
• Save Time. An employee doesn’t have to wait in line at the fax machine. And your callers get their information almost immediately.
• Save Money. Sending a brochure by fax is much less expensive than sending it via mail. You save on printing expenses and postage. Plus, you may need fewer employees to handle customer requests.
It’s easy to get setup. By utilizing Diamond Voice’s Fax On Demand package, you can send out anywhere from 10 to 500 documents for a low monthly price.

Bonus Reason: Business Continuity
Going with a cloud fax solution also means you’ll have access to online backups of the faxes you send and receive. You don’t have to worry about losing documents.

Contact Diamond Voice For Your Cloud Fax Solutions

If you need help with VoIP service, then contact Diamond Voice. We’re here to help you with your fax needs and make it easier for your business to communicate.
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